What Is The Finanical Apologist?

The Financial Apologist will teach children and families to engage in biblical discussions and to dissect various financial worldviews. The Financial Apologist seeks to go beyond a single course and pursue teaching ongoing biblical life transforming skills and habits.

We have four primary components that defines our mission:





These four components combine for a
Holistic picture of Christian Financial Wellness.

We want to take a holistic approach to personal finance. Scripture provides us a great deal of guidance on how to handle our money, and we are helping believers to do so. Each of the above components comes together for change that affects not just individuals, but families, communities, and generations. 

Camp Cents

Camp Cents offers summer camps, courses, and curriculum for Christian-led businesses, ministries, churches, schools, mission organizations, and nonprofit ministries worldwide.

Camp Cents offers models for teaching the Camp Cents curriculum, which can be used for summer camps, consulting, or ministry training. Camp Cents consults with individuals and organizations to adapt, integrate, and apply these models within their existing structures.

Camp Cents takes a foundational and strategic approach by breaking the discussions into two parts, the head, and the heart. This framework increases the understanding of financial situations with children and teens. We are committed to teaching God’s truth by using scripture, God’s words, and applying that with apologetics. We are also able to teach truth through the use of apologetics by challenging children to use logic and reasoning.

Camp Cents is essentially preparing children, teens, families, and ministry leaders to defend a Christian worldview “argue for a healthier approach” to finances through our unique curriculum and summer camps. Camp Cents leaders have found that this is the most effective way to raise the next generation of generous givers, goers, and growers for God’s kingdom.


Camp Cents Academy



The Financial Apologist
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